Underwater Sports Photography

Underwater Portraits

Portrait photography doesn’t always have to be on land especially for aquatic athletes. Underwater portrait is something uncommon to be seen due to the photography setup involve and experience of the photographer. For aquatic athletes, being in the water is just like their second home where they spent most of their time in training other than being at home or school/work. 

Underwater Sports Photography Singapore

Bring out the unseen side of athletes

How often do you get to see an image of a swimmer or water polo player underwater? By combing the expertise in shooting sports and underwater, Andy wants to create that dramatic looks of them underwater. To showcase their prowess and competitive spirits in the sports regardless of their age group. 

Underwater Sports Photography Singapore

Underwater Portrait Photographer

Regardless of job in industry, understanding the job context by experience weighs more than just textbook theory. As a  sport photographer who have covered a number of local and international meets overseas together with more than 10years experience as a competitive swimmer, this provide me an edge in the field. 

With the understanding of lights and composition of photography, I am able to create that dramatic looks that even athletes themselves might not seen before. 

Competitive swimming kids

Regardless of age, with my favourite underwater camera in hand I can turn anyone into professional swimmer underwater. It doesn’t matter whether they can break any world record or national record, as long they can swim well they will definitely look really good in the photo series.

underwater sports photography kids