Sports Photography Singapore

Sports Photography Singapore

Sports Photographer

The art for Sports photography, it is not just about capturing the action and celebration moments but also the emotion of the athletes. Athlete’s years of training just to be to compete in a competition and the chance to execute the movement only once. Sport photographer unlike any other genre of photography, we have the understanding of the sport to nail that action, that winning shot. 

Sports Photography Singapore

My style of art

Freezing the action isn’t just enough for me. I’m chasing for the emotions of that close up expression of the sport that people doesn’t usually notice. That good photograph that tells a story. To be able to produce good quality stuffs, understanding of the sports are very important. It takes experience to understand the sports and scouting of the venue beforehand to capture the best action. My forte in capturing action stuff did not just limit sports but also pets as well.

Some of my works are also published in news agency, Nikon professional service platform and exhibition that show the dedication of what I do.

Sports photography Singapore
Sports photography singapore
Sports photography singapore

Sports Photography Services

What’s the different between sports and events photography services? To a normal consumer, it seems to be the same, photographer will be there to do coverage of your event isn’t it? In fact, it’s a total different ball game. Sports photography is like the next level of event photography, covering event of really fast action happening.

Why is that so? In an event coverage, you will not see any event photographer walk around with a ”bazooka’ lens to do the photo coverage. Event photography include 50% of candid for action happening around (presentation/ speech/performance), another 50% on group shots which can be posed. They don’t usually have that experience to handle long and big lens and chasing action through the camera.

Sports Photography singapore

In Sports photography, it’s important for us to know what is happening during the sport event and know where to position ourselves. The chances of getting the shots only one chance, we can’t afford to miss the action. Athletes are not going to re-perform their moves/routine just because you missed that shots. If you need photographer to cover your sports event, you need one who have that expertises and experience who been covering sports event not just an ordinary photographer. 

Sports Photography Singapore

Coverage of Overseas games

My coverage of overseas games started back in 2017 for SEA games at Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Since then I have covered Asian Games at Indonesia, Jakarta in 2018, Fina World Championship at South Korea and Sea Games 2019 at Philippines. Though every games, other than the photography skills improved, my workflow has also dramatic speed up 10 times faster than before.

In major games, every sports venue is like a battle field we sent out key images as quick as we can to the medias. Photography isn’t just like a textbook studying modules, experience counts. Every event is a brand new session where I want to outdo myself from the previous session and improve the workflow even more. Coverage of sport event come really natural whenever I held up my cameras.

Sports photography singapore gears

Sports Photography Gears

Now that’s the fun part, I only use the top notch photography equipments to do my job. I believe all my clients and athletes deserve the best from me. If the photos are not pixel by pixel sharp, I believe the job is not well done.

Having the most advance technology is always great but photographer need the technical skills together with understand of the camera function to make wonder. Have you ever see a photographer during event who spent a lot of times adjust his camera gears? That’s probably a sign that he is unfamiliar with his own equipments.

Sports Photography Singapore

Photos return rate

Another important thing for clients are the photos turnover rate. Have you ever experience after an event is over, your photographer take a long time to send you the photos? It could have been months of chasing before you are able to get your photos. By the time you get your photos, people involved in the event might have forgotten about it.

Other than image quality, I emphasize alot on production speed as well. Living in such technology era now, social media is a very important marketing platform to share photos. A few key photos can be ready for usage on social media within 12hours! In special case where turnover rate need to be faster, this can be discussed. 

Sports Photography Singapore

My achievement

My dedication in Sports photography also helped me to clinch several awards along the years. In 2019, my most memorable was when I won 3rd placing for Professional Sports category among photographers from the World in International Photography Award. Back in 2018, I only received a honourable mention for my photo in International Photography Award. My self driven passion in sports have brought me so far in the field that I can’t get enough of it. I’m still pretty excited of every sports meet I get to attend.

Best Sports photo of the year 2020

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many photos do I have in return?

Numbers of photos will depends on the assignment objective. If its a coverage of whole event, estimate to have 40 photos per hour. If its just coverage of the team in a sport event, that will depends on the duration of the event and how many athletes need to be covered. 

Do you shoot for free? There are a lot of people shooting sports giving photos for free.

I wish I could, I didn’t get all my camera equipment for free and I can’t pay my expenses with exposure token. 

Do you do overseas assignments?

Yes I do, that will depend on the availability of my schedule. You can refer to the past overseas game s I have covered. Contact me for more discussion. 

Do I own the copyrights to the images?

It will be shared copyrights but images will not be for sales to anyone. Some of the images may be display in my website/social media as my portfolio. If client is not comfortable of sharing of their images online, decision will be respected. 

Sports Photography Rates

2 Hours coverage 


3hours and above coverage