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Professional Photographer in Singapore

Andy is a sport, underwater and commercial photographer based in Singapore who covers both national and international meets as well as working with clients who need high quality work for their branding. He is also currently a Nikon Z creator for Nikon latest Z9 flagship camera and a Nikon School instructor. He was the official photographer of FINA World Cup Singapore since 2016, attended international major games such as Kuala Lumpur SEA games in 2017, Asian Games 2018, Philippines SEA Games 2019, Vietnam SEA Games 2021, Fina World Championship 2019 Gwangju and Commonwealth Games Birmingham 2022.

Other than covering Sports photography , he is well versed in different genres of photography. Underwater photography has also been an area of his expertise. He has since worked with a number of high performance athletes producing a number of amazing shots underwater.

Automotive photography  has been another of his interest where he has been working with several car private dealer and authorised distributors on a number of commercial projects. Other than those, he also provide photography services for commercial , product, interior, corporate portrait, events and pet . 

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Photography gears review and Tips

On Andy’s free time, he reviews camera gears and humbly share photography articles. More can be read at the link below.

Understanding your camera equipment

These days cameras like DSLR and mirrorless camera are getting so affordable, everyone have that conception of better camera = better images. How many people really understand their camera equipments? A lot of people bought high end camera but use auto mode with them. Those cameras shine with their manual mode, the ability to adjust their setting to your liking that majority of the handphone camera isn’t able to do it. 

Every camera have their own limitation, handphone camera quality improve dramatically over the years. In good and nice sunlight, image quality of phone camera when viewing in small screen or even an iPad is almost equality as good as DSLR. When it come to low light (dim place or night time), handphone camera quality suffered therefore the images come out grainy or not as sharp. Understanding your camera equipments helps to plan your shoot better and create the image. 

You can also see photographers who flicker with their camera setting a lot, that could also be a sign they are not familiar with their own camera equipment. If too much time are spent on changing the camera setting, beautiful moment might have been missed.

Understanding the lights

Have you ever wonder why sometimes you have take photos of your family or love ones under the sun and their faces appeared either half in shadows or face texture looking very harsh and rough. Those are the unflatten images that no one likes. This come to understand the direction of sunlight, when the sun is right up high from 11am to 3pm it easily cast a strong shadow on your subject. Shooting under direct sunlight or subject facing the sun could cause squinty eyes where you subject struggle to open their eyes fully. If you have to, find a shaded area such as under a tree could helps to bring down the harshness on your subject face. 

This is where good photographer experience counts, they understand where to place the subject. Especially for family portrait, photos should be looking pleasing not harsh. With additional light equipment like flash will helps to create even more pleasing and beautiful images.

Improve photo composition

It come natural when people take a photo, they will normally place the subject (people or building) right in the center of the image. This generally doesn’t work well every time, using the rule of thirds 1/3 help to place your subject in a more interesting way and draw your eyes to it. 

In portrait photography, using the rule of third helps to create the empty space. The space could be a blurred out background of the scene and create a motion of feel that makes your subject stand out.



– Top five finalist photo of the year at Singapore Sports Awards 2022


– Best Sports photo of the year at Singapore Sports Awards 2020


– A Gold award under Reportage in Singapore Photographers Awards

– 3rd placing for Professional Sports in International Photography Awards

– 2nd placing for Sports in Chromatic Award


– A Honorable Mention under International Photography Awards award for Water Sports


– First runner up for SPD photo contest,

– Top five finalist for Singapore Sport photo award


Having the advantage to attend several international games such SEA Games and Asian Games and those nationals games. Andy’s work has been also publicized in different platform including news agency, Nikon Professional Services website, etc. 

Fine Art Prints

Fine Art Print

Are you looks for Fine Art prints to complete the looks of your space. I have a collection of prints that might be to suit your needs from landscape to cityscape and even sports images if you need to turn the atomsphere up.