Event Photography Singapore

Event photographer

Event photography has been a good way to document an event/seminar/product launch to justify your meaningful event. Although these days handphone photos have been popular with the social media, event photography is still regards as the professional service not to be missed for important event. It’s a way to show the credibility and professionalism of the company image that their event was properly documented. 

Showcasing your brand image is important, first impression always start with visual representation. A professional photographer will be able to capture the atmosphere of the event and your branding. This ensure the visual impression to reflect the company’s value and standard. It will be something that using a handphone shot will not be able to showcase it. 

Event photography singapore birthday party celebration
Event photography singapore birthday party celebration
Event photography singapore birthday party celebration

Event Photography Services

Having to cover countless of sports event which much faster actions, we do not miss moments during your event. With the experience to cover fast action subject in harsh condition, nothing could be more difficult than that. As soon as the cameras are setup optimised for your event, we are ready to have your event in full coverage.

Producing best work for event coverage is our Moto. It doesn’t matter whether your event are held in low light venue, dance performance of fast action or even birthday party with fast moving kids, we have you covered! In order to perform our work well, we do not just show up on time and start shooting. We reach venue 10-15minutes in advance to understand the venue environment, lightings and set our cameras to get ready for the moments.

event photography singapore - MP Eric Chua during SSA curry bomb event
event photography singapore - MP Eric Chua during SSA curry bomb event

The Storytelling

A photo tells a thousands words. That’s where the expertise of a professional photographer come in place. Every events is a story yet to be told until the event has been documented. A photographer excels in those areas, through skillful composition and understanding the objectives of the events, we will be able to transfer those moments into a visual story.

Event photography Singapore - photographer capturing shots of contract signing event

Enhance marketing material

Every images counts. Of course handphone images works if you are just doing a Instagram story where it only lasts for 24hours and you only need your audience to know your event is happening right now. If long term marketing material is what your company is planning for, a high quality imagery will be more presentable. When it comes to promotion materials, social media posts or updating your company images, those visuals boost the marketing efforts and create a positive company public image. 

Event photography Singapore - photographer capturing shots of VIPs at ferry cockpit
Event photography Singapore - photographer capturing shots of VIPs toasting
Event photography Singapore - photographer capturing shots of VIPs walking

Event Photography Gears

We understand that your event is important and meaningful to you thats why you hire an event photographer instead of using handphone to cover it.

Our photographer are equipped with 2 cameras with different lenses to ensure we do not miss any moment. From wide angle shot of the event, group photo to close up candid shots of your event’s guest, we have them all. We covered from indoor to outdoor event, our flash is always ready to make sure all your guests are well exposed in the photos.

Event photography Singapore coverage of speaker talking for Reuters: future outlook Asia
Frequent Asked Question (FAQ)
How many photos will I receive for my event?

Generally 40 quality photos per hour for mid size event. Therefore if your event only involve less than 10people, photo delivery will be lesser around 30photos. It won’t be meaningful of having duplicate photos of the same people. 

How long does it takes for my photos to be ready?

Our photo delivery rate is 2-3week.

Being a seasoned photographer, speed is one thing we deliver. We understand social media is a big thing for you to showcase your event, in such circumstances we can produce some key shots on the day itself.

What time will be my photographer reach on my event day?

Our photographer will be at the event 10-15minutes in advance to scout the venue and setting up their camera equipments.

Do you do face re-touch on my guest for event photography?

No, for event photography unlike corporate portrait or beauty fashion photography, we do not do re-touch on the face. Our editing process involve cropping and other adjustment to ensure all your guest are well framed and well expose in the photos.

Do we own the copyrights for our event photos?

Photos taken are shared copyrights, having to say that we do not sell any of your event photos. Some photos of your event might be showcase in our website/facebook page like what you seen on our website.

We also understand some event could be sensitive to post any photos on social media/website. We respect that and in such situation, no photos from that event will be published to protect the privacy of our clients.

Event photography singapore
Event photography singapore
Event photography singapore

Event Photography Rates

2Hours coverage


3Hours onwards coverage