Commercial Photography Singapore

Commercial Photographer

As we are in Era of vision world, we are constantly surrounded by photos and videos information. A website with good images will be eye catchy for your targeted audience over your other competitors. Information are so readily available online now so are you able to retain your audience on your website to continue browsing what you have to offer for them or are they just going to browse for 10second and move on to the next website?

This is where having the right photographer will definitely be able to brand your company’s product/services for your clients to see the amount of professionalism in your work. If you are offering a premium services, will a potential client engage a company with website full of self take handphone images or a nicely designed website with professional photos. 

Build branding awareness with the right set of images allows potential clients or customers to consider you as their top of mind when they start their purchase decisions. On top of that, you can gain their trust and influence their purchase decision of what your company can offer and be beneficial to them.

Commercial Photography Singapore - engineer doing check on machine setting
commercial photography singapore - photographer capturing shots of engineer doing checkup on machine
commercial photography singapore - mechanic wearing headphones and working on a machine

Commercial Photography

You might think what is the difference between event photography and commercial photography? Why can’t I just use photos from my company event on my website?

The answer is you definitely can but images from your event usually is done from a single shot with/without on a camera flash. There are no control in the type of images made and you only received the end product after the event is done. For commercial photography, we will discuss the concept and type of images are needed. Client will be able to preview the shots during the photoshoot session and give feedback on the go. For enviroment wise, larger strobe lights will be included if there is a need in a more controlled setup so their subject will be nicely lit up. This is to ensure all the images will be delivered in clean and smooth resolution and ready to be used in large format display or large prints. 

commercial photography singapore - Sentosa skyline luge family photoshoot

Having a professional photoshoot for your benefits

High-quality images

It’s more than just using an expensive, fancy camera to produce high quality images. A professional photographer will exceed what you can do on your own. Professional photographers are not just a bunch of guys with camera. They accumulated the experience, the eye and equipments to make your concept come to life doing the best of what they do. Furthermore images can be used for multiple purposes such as website, social media, prints, brochures. 

Your brand

Of course you can use stock images but does that the kind of impression you will want to give your customer/client, we are a generalise business in the industry. With Commercial photography, it helps to sculpture the company’s digital personality. A series of images will develop your online images such as photo of your company and staffs for your company section allows your client to understand what is your business about and a good impression of trust worthiness. Whereas stock images will not create that same impression, and what if your competitors was using the same stock images as your company. It won’t create a good business image for you.

commercial photography Singapore - photographer capturing shots of mechanic working with machine
commercial photography singapore - photographer capturing shots of mechanic working with machine

Social media

These days everyone has a smartphone, we see people walking on the street scrolling their phone, having meals also scrolling their phone. We can’t deny the fact we are living in a digital world now. Social media allows you to build loyal followers and organically attract new customers where it’s more common that people share a post/page than a website on their social account. Those high quality visual contents will also helps to catch people’s eyes to stand out from your competitors. 

It is also much easier to engages with your audience on social media where they can comment or shoutout for your post. Email or mobile texting is one extra steps for some, in a way you are also creating an easier channels for your customers to reach you once they see any high quality visual contents that caught their eyes. 

commercial photography Singapore - photographer capturing shots of mechanic working with grinder

Time is Money

Commercial photography is definitely an upfront costs you need to pay for. In business perspective, it’s a long term investment you can putting into your business. If you are just doing those shoots on your own or hiring a photographer who is not a perfect suit for crafting your company image, you will end up paying more by hiring another photographer after all the trial and error including time wasted. Having a professional photoshoot to show your customers, you are willing to put time and money to build your business same as your products/services can offer, the professionalism in the industry. As a business owner/entrepreneur, it’s that competitive mindset to show why you and your products are the best. The time and money you invest at the start will definitely lead you forwards in a long run in the industry.

Commercial retouching

For the best result of every image, a single edited image might consists of multiple images blending in together to achieve the best quality. Each retouching could easily take up at least 30mins to 2hours. This is definitely not the same quality like event photography where photographer might just shoot in Jepg format, apply in their preset with minimum adjustment. 

Commercial Photography Singapore - photographer capturing of Doctor doing ear checkup during Healthway medical portrait photoshoot

Commercial Photography Pricing

The nature of the job will generally based on project requirements, upon understanding the needs of the shoot. Therefore for pricing wise, please contact me directly via my number or email so I can provide you a quotation based on your creative brief. 

Commercial Photography Singapore - Automotive shots with talents doing family pose