Underwater Photography Singapore

Underwater Photographer

Combining the love of water and artistic view in underwater photography, Andy is able to create a series of unforgettable moments around the water with family and kids. As a kid, Andy didn’t have such fortunate opportunity to be photograph underwater with all the fun he would love to have. As underwater photography has always been an area of curiosity which Andy wanted to explore, with months of heavy thoughts he decided to invest in underwater photography setup and open up such opportunities to the consumers market. 

With strong background in both swimming and love for photography, Andy has been catching up that childhood he has never had, to create that unforgettable moment for families. Catching up with time is never easy, kids are growing up fast day by day. Bring underwater photography for your kids right to your doorstep. Why not treasure the moment now and have an amazing experience in underwater photography session with your kids? 

Underwater photography Singapore

The artistic view

It’s never been easy to shoot underwater, adjustment of the camera setting are limited and any improper secure of the camera housing could leads to water leakage and camera damage. This doesn’t stop me to pursue further into underwater photography.

For shooting kids underwater, it just release the inner child version of me and love to work with them on all the fun we can get. Kids just never failed to amaze me whenever I’m photographing them. A simple instruction of swimming like a shark towards my camera, could have several versions from different kids which is really amazing. 

In underwater the stuffs we could do are so much, I have kids who pose like a rockstar underwater and kids who jump off wall like a cannonball on their belly without feeling any pain. Kids tend to be relax in a fun and joyful environment where they are familiar with. The artistic view of me come from kids swimming freely underwater, no fear, no stress and just carefree. Do you wish you were a kid again?

Underwater photography Singapore

Underwater photography for kids

Do you and your kids love the water and keen to try something new? Does your kids feeling all excited when you said we are going to head to the pool today. That happiness and smile all around your kids face whenever they are playing with water, splashing, jumping and swimming. 

With the expertise of shooting fast action of both local and world class athletes, Andy is bringing the same set set of skills to capture the best moment of your kids around the water now.

Underwater photography kids

Underwater Photography Services

Interacting with toddlers and kids are all about having fun. Too much posing instruction make them really uncomfortable and stiff. Andy often create some fun activities to help to bring the joy out of them. The fun, action, water splash and laughter are what you can expect from the shoot. 

Underwater photography for kids


Basically anyone who love the water. The shoot will be not advisable towards kids who have water phobia. For their well-being and not to be traumatised by water even more, after all being around the water is all about fun and relaxation. 

Underwater photography for kids
Underwater photography for kids

Underwater Photography Gears

In order to produce high quality image for underwater shoot, Andy has invested in a reliable underwater housing to place his DSLR inside. Having the housing wasn’t just the main equation to have good underwater photos, through practice and experience Andy finally able to produce image that’s looks great underwater.

Underwater photography for kids

Underwater Safety

Before the start of the photoshoot, Andy will assess the family’s water confidence capability. Holding breathe technique will be taught for the family to stay relax in the water.

On top of that, Andy is Standard first aid certified and CRP/AED certified as well. As much as we would love to capture endless of beautiful photos underwater, water and personal safety is the top priority. 

Why do I need underwater photographer?

Does this sentence sounds familiar to you? If you are just looking to capture some candid shots of your family in the water, these days mobile phone and compact waterproof digital camera could just do the job. If you want memories that you can look back in 10, 20years time or even longer, you definitely want to have high res images.    

Underwater photography isn’t just about expensive camera and equippment, it’s about the ability to lead the client to capture beautiful moments, photo composition and post processing of the images. 

Underwater photography for kids
Underwater photography Singapore

Does the image on the left looks familiar to you like how your handphone or underwater camera are producing? The image often have a green/blue color cast on the face and face tone just doesn’t look natural. 

All these natural looking underwater shots didn’t just magically appear by the expensive setup. Its through the years of experience in shooting technique together with post processing to be able to present the final product. 

Underwater photography for kids

Frequent asked Question (FAQs)

Where will the location be?

For the moment, photoshoot only available at client private swimming pool such as pool facilities in the condo. 

How long is the duration of the shoot?

Photoshoot will last around 1hour.

How many photos will be we getting?

Each photoshoot will be around 20 edited images.

What do we need to bring for the shoot?

Nice swimming costumes, sunblock cream, google and pool toys. The shoot is all about fun isn’t it?

My kids are very active. I’m afraid my kids can’t compile with the photoshoot.

Not to worry, Andy is patience and has a lot of experience dealing with kids and toddlers. He will be able to communicate well with the kids. 

How can I have very nice blue in my underwater images?

The color of the water varies in every pool. Clarity of your underwater shots are dependent on the maintenance of your pool water. A simple test can be done is wear your goggle underwater, if you can’t see more than 15m distance of your pool the water doesn’t have very good clarity. 

A well maintained pool can see easily underwater from the start to the end without any issue. 

Underwater Photography rate

1 Hour

$ 400
  • 40 edited photos returns
  • 20* 4R prints for all selected photos!
  • High res photos
  • 3week photo delivery!
  • Beautiful moments captured
  • Family bonding with your kids in such unique experience. Priceless!