Product Photography Singapore

Product photographer 

Today consumer market does most of their purchases online, it is important to have your products get shoot professionally. I’ll provide you with the highest quality of image for your e-commerce store, social media marketing or even large banner size print.

Providing a perfect perspective of your products giving you the competitive edge over all your competitors. Similar products are everywhere now, when customers shop online what matter are your product photo. Are your products photo look appealing to all the potential customers?

Products photography singapore food
Products photography singapore

Product Photography Services

Food, jewelry, IT gadgets, watches to kitchen hardware. Whether the product need to be shot in white background for your marketing team or even conceptual shoot I got you covered.

Other than just providing appealing and high quality images, I also ensure your photos have color accuracy as in reality. It’s common that there are customers who returns their items due to product looking big different from what the photos showed.

Products photography singapore

I’ll also optimized another batch of photos for your web upload. Online business is also about browsing speed, if your viewers need to wait more than 2seconds just for your images to load up they would probably head to another seller from the e-commerce platform. 

Products photography singapore
Products photography singapore

Why is Product Photography important in E-commerce?

It’s important to understand the online shopping behaviours of customers. When we shop online, we are not able to smell, taste or touch the products, the only senses we left is see. Thats why having professional appealing photos is important in the fierce online market. 

In our fast moving society, the power of images is hard to ignore. The convenience of e-commence app is readily available is almost everyone handphone. People generally look at the photos first before price and the text of your product. What you are selling isn’t just a product, its a concept a lifestyle. When they buy the product, they wish they will be in that lifestyle. 

Products photography singapore food

Product Photograhy Retouching 

High resolution image isn’t just about big megapixel of the photo. In product photography, the definition of high resolution image is when you zoom in close-up to an image, there shouldn’t be any distraction reflection, obvious dust spot or even scratches on your product. Those minor flaws spoil the looks of the product especially if you require to print it out big for signage or even banner. 

Above is an example image of how I seek perfection towards my retouching to make sure your image looks good in digital and in print. On the left, you can see there were white reflection on the porridge as water reflect lights and it was unavoidable. To ensure the porridge looks good on the printed menu, I retouched out all the distracting reflection to bring the customer eyes into the nice tasty porridge instead.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What type of product photography shoot available?

There are several type of product photography such as Flat layout, white background, group shoots, conceptual (involve props as decoration) and close-up shots.

Do we need to book a studio for our product shoot?

It depends on the size of the your products, for small item product I bring along my portable photography setup to shoot in the office. If there a lot high quantity of products need to cover, I might bring the products back to do the photoshoot if client are ok.

For larger item stuff, booking of studio might be needed. Contact me for detailed discussion on it. 

What are the preparation for the shoot?

Product should be in good condition, preferably new to be able to show the best of your product.

For food photography, food should be ready by the photoshoot arranged time slot. Photographer’s time will be charge accordingly if the photographer reach the venue and he still need to wait for the food to be ready to start the shoot. As delay in the booked time slot will cause snowballing effect to another time slot photoshoot.

how long will the photos be ready?

Photos will be ready by 1week.

Product Photography Rates

Due to the different nature of product, size, shape and requirement, I’ll only do a quotation based on your requirement. Please email or WhatsApp me directly with your requirement so I can reply with a quotation.