Pet Photography Singapore

Capture your best companion

Pet Photography singapore

Dog is man’s best friend. Whether you are happy or sad, your fur kid is always there for you. After a tiring day at school/work, remember the times where your fur kid just waiting excitedly at the door once they sense you are near your home. They spend their life with you as your best friend. Unfortunately they can’t be there throughout our whole life and probably around for a decade. Best way to remember them in different part of their life is to photograph them.  

The joy at Outdoor

Pet Photography singapore

Due the high pace lifestyle in Singapore, it not often fur kid get to go out everyday especially those which are potty trained. Most of the time they will be at home, as they are not required to relieve themselves at the grass patch daily. Is your fur kid often excited when you take out the leash and they know they are going out for a walk? 

Whether they are highly energetic or low energetic fur kid, I can make them look really good in the wild. Those expressions from them are simply so adorable whenever they are happily out running.

The lifestyle shoot

Pet Photography singapore lifestyle

Apart from the usual pet photoshoot, I would also capture some lovely moments with its owner together. How could a photoshoot be complete without a full family shot! Those shot could even be your desktop or handphone wallpaper to brighten up your tiring day. This isn’t a shot where it could turn out same like a selfie. 

Pet Photography singapore lifestyle

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

My dog is camera shy and usually can’t keep still, will it still be possible for photoshoot?

Not to worry, furkid are like toddler some just simply can’t keep still. It doesn’t have to be all sit still shots. I have different range of camera lenses to do the job. I don’t have to be super close up to their face which make them feel uncomfortable during the shoot. For those who are not uncomfortable with stranger, I could use lens that allow me to find a comfortable distance with them. 

My availability for photoshoot

I only schedule shoot on weekday morning as early as 7.30am where weather is cooler for both human and furkid. We don’t have to deal with weekend morning crowds and people walking past our shoot. 

Do you do prints?

Yes I provide prints but only for 4R size. For other prints size, I have print lab which I can recommend to.

Where are the photoshoot location?

I’m generally quite flexible with locations. For the outdoor shoot, I often suggest places like parks or reservoir where there are nice natural scenery and empty grass patch that allows your furkid to run happily. 

Pet Photoshoot Rates


Outdoor shoot

$ 400
  • 60 edited photos
  • Included 20*4R prints
  • 1~1.5 hour photoshoot
  • 3week photo delivery rate
  • Sense of satisfaction after receiving the photos. Priceless!