Outdoor Family Photoshoot Singapore

Outdoor Family Portrait

Nothing beats having fun times together with your kids or family. Other than memories in your mind, photos are the best way to store those beautiful moments. If you are an outdoor person, this is something you shouldn’t miss out. Having an outdoor family portrait is definitely more fun for both parents and the kids than a standard plain background at the back. Kids being kids love fun, having an outdoor shoot is more engaging to them and their energy level can last a bit longer than staying indoor. Memories I have created didn’t just limit to human portrait but also pet photography as well where furkids are generally part of the family if you own one. 

family portrait singapore

Family portrait location

Although Singapore is such a small country, it could be quite a hassle to wake up early morning to gather all the family members to travel out for a photoshoot. Good thing is in this small country we live in, we actually have a lot of nature parks spread around the island near our doorsteps. It makes travelling such easier in the morning for an outdoor shoot to have some nice glowing sunlight. If you are living in condominium, we could also do the outdoor  family portrait shoot right at your doorstep without you traveling out. As a lot of new condominium these days are designed very beautifully with a lot of greenery around the area, photos can looks really nice within your neighbourhood. 

family portrait Singapore

Don’t wait till it’s too late

Those small mini you of yours grow up really fast. From them still crawling on the floor till they learn how to walk in 1-1.5years old, soon they start to learn how to run. As they starts to get older and taller, they will soon reach your chest level and nothing the small little sweet pea you used to remember. Freeze those cute little moments of the kids like a yearly event, watch them grow up in photo memory when you compare them side by side.

family portrait Singapore kids
Outdoor family photoshoot singapore

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long is the session?

Each session is around 1hour

What type of timing is good for the portrait session?

It is always best to start earlier between 8-9am where the sunlight is not very harsh on the face. It has nicer glow on the face on early morning and it’s not so hot for the kids. Having the shoot around noon or early afternoon can be too hot for the kids and they will get very impatient during the shoot. Sunlight around those timing can also cause very harsh shadow on the face as well. 

How long do I need to wait before photos are ready?

Photos will be out within a week. 

Do you do indoor shoot as well?

Outdoor shoot can be really fun but I do indoor shoot as well. Dedicate to clients who prefer something simple and staying indoor with air conditioner.

Family Photoshoot Rates

Outdoor shoot

$ 400
  • 60 edited photos
  • Included 20* 4R prints of all selected photos
  • 1 hour photoshoot
  • 2-3week photo delivery rate
  • Sense of satisfaction after receiving the photos. Priceless!